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Here at Backpacker Pucks we believe that things should be simple. That's why we make a bar with actual ingredients, ingredients that you can identify. We keep processed sugar out of our bars using only sugar and honey as our primary sweeteners. We like to keep our products the way nature made them, natural. We source our honey from a local beekeeper and buy all of our ingredients from local businesses so all of our money goes right back into the community.

Backpacker Pucks Testimonials

Quick Trail Breakfast

Matt and I prepared to hike the Ozark Highlands Trail, or OHT, in the months preceeding June of 2012. My goal was to carry all my food for the two weeks we estimated the 165 mile trek would take. Matt originally planned on a food depot, then threw down on carrying all his food. We each had busy lives with family and work, so our trail hikes and preparation were done separately. He spoke of a special trail bar project he had going, and I was excited to taste the results. Little did I know how much I would like and envy his Backpacker Pucks trail bars.

I spent a great deal of time learning about nutrition and buying bulk foods to prepare for breakfast and dinner, with us both agreeing that we would eat trail snacks for lunch. My food for breakfast consisted of oatmeal, or what Matt referred to as Trail Gruel. I started the day with hot tea, then soaked chia seeds while the water boiled for the quinoa, oatmeal and various other ingredients like hemp and almond flour. After packing my camp, I would sit and eat for the 30 minutes it took to put my gruel down. Meanwhile...

Matt had woken up, packed camp and snacked on his first generation Backpacker Pucks. Meanwhile, back at the camp...

I was still sitting there eating, then cleaning my titanium cooking pot. He had long ago finished eating his uber trail bar, the infamous Backpacker Puck. Out of nowhere, I would hear that Russian Randy was coming down the trail, meaning that Matt had finished catching up on his journal and was waiting for me to be ready to hike.

The moral of the story is that when you are trying to push the limits of mileage on a backpacking trek, get up to the wall for rock climbing, or wake up early to go hunting, getting food in your stomach quickly can make the difference between making the objective or hiking after dark with a headlamp on.

Backpacker Pucks became Matt's passion upon returning, and they went from something he cooked up and stored in a cylindrical chips can to something with a package and a logo. Next came his desire to use local and organic ingredients, which I can totally dig since my wife and I live zero waste, organic, local, and nearly vegan lifestyles.

We continue to share knowledge and taste test bars in search of the next best thing. Seasonal ingredients are the focus as we move through each adventure. I can truly say that Matt's Backpacker Pucks are the best trail bar I have ever enjoyed, and you should stock up so you are ready for your next adventure.

Clint White