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The following links will connect you with people, groups, and companies that will help you stay on the trail. They provide the knowledge, gear, insight, and passion to give you the skills to survive and have fun.

Dan Nash

Dan Nash is the premier midwest expedition company owner. Dan facilitates a number of educational classes based around survival, wilderness skills, and mountaineering. He also takes people around the world to summit some of the most amazing mountains you can visit.

Dan organizes and hosts a yearly Outdoor Rendezvous at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in Arkansas every year in October to get outdoor enthusiasts involved and help them meet other interesting people. He schedules day hikes and rock climbing classes among various backpacking and cooking classes, and hosts a huge gear raffle from sponsoring companies. You should seriously come enjoy the weekend whether you are a new hiker or a serious trekker.

Speckman Honey

Matt sources the honey to sweeten the Backpacker Pucks trail bars from local producer Speckman Honey. Read how they produce their natural product with no processing, while also respecting the bee as the magical producer they are.

Clint White

Clint is one of Matt's high school classmates, though we never would have guessed we would complete a 165 mile hiking trek 15 years later on the OHT. Matt gave Clint the trail name Magic Man for the disappearing acts over the ridges and around bends while shredding blazes. Clint coded this website by hand, and - disclaimer - is one of Matt's sponsored backpacking and rock climbing crew.