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Backpacker Pucks are for sale at a select number of retailers right now, but you can order direct from the source and get the freshest batch straight out of the kitchen. Select from the flavors below, then follow the steps for the paypal sale. If you have any special requests, or cannot pay using paypal, please email or call me to place your order.

Backpacker Pucks Trail Bar Flavors

The standard 4 flavors of Backpacker Pucks will keep you satisfied all year, but make sure you are ready for fall. When the pumpkins start to ripen in the fields, Matt starts baking up the coveted Pumpkin Spice Backpacker Puck. Everyone who has enjoyed one is eager to stock up on the best seasonal trail bar in the world.

  • Cherry Chocolate Made for the Ozark Highlands Trail (OHT), this is the bar that started it all. Made with dried tart cherries and a specific blend of nuts and other ingredients. If you like almond butter then you'll love this bar because it's got a heaping helping of it. This almond butter is made with just one ingredient and that's almonds. It's sure to satisfy your hunger on or off the trail.
  • Chocolate Banana Made with dehydrated bananas, this bar combines everything you love about banana bread and kicks it up a notch by adding real peanut butter. That's right, only peanuts go into our peanut butter. We just figured you wanted the real taste of peanuts in your peanut butter, so that's all you get. The chocolate chips compliment the whole product by giving it that extra kick.
  • Apple Spice Made with a proprietary blend of spice, this bar will make you want to eat it hot or cold. Watch out for the chunks of real dehydrated granny smith apples. They're sure to make your mouth water for some apple pie. Let's not forget about the peanut butter, which surprisingly complements this one of a kind apple trail bar.
  • Raisin!!!! Made with seedless white grapes that are sliced before dehydrating to get the maximum amount of raisin flavor in each bite. This pucks uses no nuts. Instead, we put sunflower seeds and sunflower seed butter. You’ve tasted oatmeal raisin before but you’ve never had Raisin!!!!. Give it a try and you’ll know why this should be on your list.
  • Pumpkin Spice Look out for our fall flavor! It's made with our proprietary blend of spice and has more pumpkin then you'll know what to do with. It's made with Jarradale pumpkin and pumpkin seeds to give it that authentic pumpkin flavor. These bars are made with almond butter. That's right only almonds go into our almond butter. The pumpkin spice bar is also the only bar in our arsenal that has no chocolate chips. Get them while you can since they're only around for a limited time.

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